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A list of Dungeons PokemonMysteryUniverse has to offer are as follows:

  • Winden PassGo to Winden Pass
  • Winden ForestGo to Winden Forest
  • Tiny GrottoGo to Tiny Grotto
  • Sour Root CaveGo to Sour Root Cave (PMU 7)
  • Seaside CavernGo to Seaside Cavern (PMU 7)
  • Sauna CavernGo to Sauna Cavern
  • Pitch-Black AbyssGo to Pitch-Black Abyss
  • Mt. BarricadeGo to Mt. Barricade (PMU 7)
  • Lenile CavernGo to Lenile Cavern
  • Cliffside CaveGo to Cliffside Cave
  • Harmonic TowerGo to Harmonic Tower
  • Mineral CavernGo to Mineral Cavern
  • Marowak Training DojoGo to Marowak Training Dojo
  • Jailbreak Tunnel EntranceGo to Jailbreak Tunnel
  • Tanren ChambersGo to Tanren Chambers
  • Deep Winden Forest EntranceGo to Deep Winden Forest
  • Tanren Training DojoGo to Tanren Training Dojo
  • Southerrn Sea EntranceGo to Southern Sea Entrance
  • Happiness Lake EntranceGo to Happiness Lake
  • Thunderstorm Forest EntranceGo to Thunderstorm Forest
  • Island Garden EntranceGo to Island Garden
  • Sunny Hillside EntranceGo to Sunny Hillside
  • Honeydrop Meadow EntranceGo to Honeydrop Meadow
  • Friendship Forest EntranceGo to Friendship Forest (PMU 7)
  • Tanren Mansion EntranceGo to Tanren Mansion
  • Tanren Mines EntranceGo to Tanren Mines
  • Murky Trench EntranceGo to Murky Trench
  • Boggy Wastes EntranceGo to Boggy Wastes
  • Inferno Volcano EntranceGo to Inferno Volcano
  • Seafloor Ruins EntranceGo to Seafloor Ruins


Marowak Training Dojo
Pebble Cave
Tiny Grotto
Seaside Cavern
Sunny Hillside
Happiness Lake
Sour Root Cave
Jailbreak Tunnel
Island Garden
Cliffside Cave
Thunderstorm Forest
Deep Thunderstorm Forest
Winden Pass
Tanren Tunnel
Honeydrop Meadow
Lenile Cavern
Mineral Cavern
Southern Sea
Mt. Skylift
Mt. Barricade
Pitch-Black Abyss
Friendship Forest
Razed Fields
Gritty Hollow
Harmonic Tower


Winden Forest
Deep Winden Forest
Sauna Cavern
Sauna Cavern Depths
Crystal Ruins
Crystal Castle
Snowveil Den
Mt. Stormhold
Sky Fortress


Beach Bunker
Rocky Ravine
Tanren Chambers
Tanren Training Dojo
Tanren Mines
Tanren Mansion
Tanren Basement
Tanren Courtyard
Rustic Savannah
Cryptic Chasm
Dragon's Descent
Dragon's Descent Depths
Deserted Tomb
Caustic Sewers
Ancient Caustic Sewers
Dream Grove
Undercity Catacombs


Crescent Islet
Crescent Islet Depths
Seafloor Ruins
Eastern Seafloor Ruins
Western Seafloor Ruins
Central Seafloor Ruins
Mysterious Jungle
Inferno Volcano
Boggy Wastes
Murky Trench
Mt. Moon