Well, Pyrotechnics is a reletively kind guild, with a range of different members who each have their unique qualities that they add to the guild. The guild was first created in March, 2013 and has been running ever since. It has had members such as Alex_Dono, James133, and even Dausk (The mapper). (Dausk again joined after the major rollback.)

Leaders of the Guild ~

  1. Swampeh
  2. Mad
  3. Bloodthirst

Admins of the Guild ~ 

  1. Luli
  2. Baily
  3. LeafyBulbs
  4. Glacies
  5. Chalkali
  6. Charrr
  7. Six
  8. Cincy
  9. Lovebird

Members of the Guild ~

  1. Blacky
  2. Audrey
  3. Riche
  4. Load
  5. Plum
  6. Doomeh
  7. Gardievoir
  8. ElementKing
  9. Sorra
  10. Remestar
  11. CyanSira
  12. Wiggler
  13. Darko
  14. Dausk
  15. Dill94007
  16. Mrfizzl

More information will be added at a later date. 

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