Guild found in PMU 7.

Fellow Q

We are the cool kids of PMU! :P

We gots all the cool stuff and we do weird stuff everyday because we are cool. We bring the Q-ality and Q-ness.


  • He bestows upon us the knowledge of his people.
  • zip and hachimitsu met at blizzcon cool. luli and the tuxie are in the background. nice. livin like larry
  • family we are it hello it is i luli tuxie and zipzipguh.
  • this is our pop culture idol, p diddy (aka magicwiz) yay.
  • kelo and dubstep on their honeymoon
  • this is erl he is fellow q he doesnt realize it yet tho one day he will join us
  • the official otp of the q patrol. yes. hello. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes
  • beauty this is the q patrol 2nd beauty god yes.
  • cry
  • dirty boy
  • bed bath and beyond. #unleashthedino
  • oops i eww
  • ron weasel cool.
  • this is not how you bathe
  • rubbi,, run
  • luli following in the steps of the beauty lord
  • dumpy
  • very skarow
  • there is 100% no fighting

 Your faithful leaders that you must give thanks to everyday: 

  • ZipZipGuy
  • Luli
  • Tuxie
  • Erladino
  • Hachimitsu
  • Dubstep
  • kelorouge
  • Herpaderp
  • Rubickx
  • alexdabum
  • Dad
  • bloodthirst
  • Skarow
  • Jordster

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