Hall of Fame

Made by RedTheMudkip

This page contains information about various records, including first level 100 Pokémon, strongest Pokémon, fastest dungeon runs, and more. More records may be added.

First 100

In order for a Pokémon and player to be included, they must not have gained experience by any methods unintended by staff. Staff may not be included unless the level 100 was obtained legitimately.The level 100 must still exist to be counted. Players may wish to look at Training to help them obtain their own Level 100.

Pokémon Player
Absol KAEN
Arcanine GiZmo
Archeops Lotto
Armaldo SebaX
Aurorus Medyn
Azurill BubbleChild
Banette ZipZipGuy
Beedrill Zappeh
Beheeyem Soulja
Bisharp Lotto
Blaziken Turtwig A
Braixen ZipZipGuy
Buneary Ludichat
Charizard ArtMax
Charmander charika
Clefairy BubbleChild
Cofagrigus ILoveWater
Cranidos DarkMatter
Crobat Yoshifanatic1
Croconaw Levy
Cubone Zango
Donphan Trans
Dragalge ILoveWater
Dragonite ArtMax
Drifblim Alex_Dono
Drilbur GoomyZ
Druddigon Lotto
Eelektross GoomyZ
Electivire Masamune
Escavalier Erron
Flygon dragonslayer1993
Garchomp Genshi
Gardevoir Dark Phoenix
Girafarig Mr Brownstone
Glaceon Poochy
Goodra ZipZipGuy
Goomy GoomyZ
Growlithe Kittu
Gyarados Erron
Hitmonchan Dark Phoenix
Hawlucha GoomyZ
Houndour Kittu
Hydreigon SebaX
Lanturn DarkEevee
Lapras Ludichat
Leafeon DarkEevee
Lickilicky Alex_Dono
Liepard Dark Phoenix
Liligant ILoveWater
Linoone Procyoon
Lopunny Dark Phoenix
Machamp Alex_Dono
Magcargo ZipZipGuy
Mamoswine Bloodthirst
Mawile Dark Phoenix
Medicham MasterShadowNinja
Meditite DarkMatter


Miltank ZipZipGuy
Minun Sharky


Nidoqueen Mr Brownstone
Octillery Bloodthirst
Pancham Chiro
Persian Lotto
Phione Lotto
Pichu Kittu
Pinsir Zappeh
Porygon-Z ZaratoX
Quilava DarkMatter
Raichu Linac
Rapidash Kas
Roserade ZaratoX
Sandslash Tyson
Snivy GoomyZ
Sliggoo GoomyZ
Salamence Deathorse
Sceptile ArtMax
Scizor ZaratoX
Sableye Dark Phoenix
Samurott Dark Phoenix
Sawk Dark Phoenix
Skarmory pkplpr
Shinx DarkMatter
Spinda Adam The Meganium
Spritzee BubbleChild
Starly ILoveWater
Seedot DarkMatter
Swampert Dragonslayer1993
Swirlix BubbleChild
Sylveon Kittu
Swalot DarkMatter
Swoobat Lotto
Tangrowth Alex_Dono
Tepig ZipZipGuy
Timburr Pencil
Treecko ZipZipGuy
Tropius Zappeh
Turtwig Yoshifanatic1
Typhlosion Alex_Dono
Umbreon ZipZipGuy
Vanilluxe Medyn
Vaporeon Tuoko
Vespiquen Dark Phoenix
Xatu Alex_Dono
Whimsicott Bloodthirst

Strongest Pokémon

These Pokémon do not have to be level 100, and if there is more than one Pokémon of the same level and that level is the highest, then all players with the Pokémon at that level will be included. If the Pokémon no longer exists, the player who owned it will be removed because this list focuses on current Pokémon and levels only. Players may wish to look at Training to help them get onto this list.

Pokémon Level Player
Abomasnow 100 GoomyZ, Translucent, Fun and Games
Aegislash 100 GoomyZ, Translucent
Absol 100 KAEN
Aggron 100 DarkAngelX, DarkMatter, GoomyZ
Altaria 100 DarkMatter
Arcanine 100 GiZmo, Kittu
Archen 100 ILoveWater
Armaldo 100 SebaX
Aurorus 100 Medyn
Azurill 100 BubbleChild
Beautifly 100 DarkMatter
Beedrill 100 Zappeh
Bisharp 100 Lotto, Nezu Akitsu
Blaziken 100 Turtwig A
Bronzong 82 BestDude
Buizel 100 Chalkali, Kirk
Buneary 100 Ludichat
Chandelure 97 Kendel
Charizard 100 ArtMax
Cherrim 79 Mad
Clefable 96 iJordan
Clefairy 100 BubbleChild
Conkeldurr 100 Scizivire
Cranidos 100 DarkMatter
Crobat 100 Yoshifanatic1
Croconaw 100 Levy
Donphan 100 Trans
Dragalge 100 ILoveWater, Nezu Akitsu
Dragonite 100 ArtMax, DarkMatter, Aragoth, SebaX
Drifblim 100 Alex_Dono
Drilbur 100 GoomyZ
Druddigon 100 Lotto
Electivire 100 Masamune, Zappeh, DarkMatter, Nezu Akitsu
Empoleon 100 RichardG, GoomyZ
Eelektross 100 GoomyZ
Escavalier 100 ILoveWater, Soulja
Exeggutor 100 ILoveWater
Flygon 100 dragonslayer1993, Zappeh, Ludichat, RichardG
Gallade 100 exwhyzed15
Garchomp 100 Genshi, Kendel
Gardevoir 100 Dark Phoenix, Julicitizen, Nathalie,ILoveWater
Gengar 100 Levy
Girafarig 100 Mr Brownstone
Glaceon 100 Poochy, Lotto
Gliscor 100 Pencil
Golduck 100 Coraje
Goodra 100 Dashawn, ZipZipGuy, GoomyZ, Medyn
Growlithe 100 Kittu
Hydreigon 100 SebaX, Siren, RichardG, Sharky, Mondo, GoomyZ, Nathalie, Nezu Akitsu
Hawlucha 100 GoomyZ
Infernape 100 Zappeh
Lanturn 100 DarkEevee
Lapras 100 glacies, Ludichat, Okita, Zappeh
Larvitar 100 DarkMatter, GoomyZ
Leafeon 100 DarkEevee, Lotto
Lickilicky 100 Alex_Dono
Liepard 100 Dark Phoenix, DarkMatter
Linoone 100 Procyoon
Kecleon 100 DarkMatter
Machamp 100 Alex_Dono
Magmortar 100 Nezu Akitsu
Magnezone 100 ILoveWater
Mamoswine 100 bloodthirst
Mawile 100 Dark Phoenix
Medicham 100 MasterShadowNinja, Aragoth
Meditite 100 DarkMatter
Meganium 100 Zappeh, Adam The Meganium
Minun 100 Sharky
Mothim 100 DarkMatter
Nidoqueen 100 Mr Brownstone
Noivern 100 Dark Phoenix, DarkMatter, Pencil, Nezu Akitsu
Octillery 100 bloodthirst
Pichu 100 Kittu
Pinsir 100 Zappeh
Politoed 100 ILoveWater
Porygon-Z 100 ZaratoX
Quilava 100 DarkMatter
Raichu 100 Linac
Rapidash 100 Kas
Relicanth 100 ILoveWater
Roserade 100 ZaratoX
Sableye 100 DarkMatter, Dark Phoenix
Salamence 100 Zappeh, Yang101, Deathorse, DarkMatter,ILoveWater, RichardG
Sandslash 100 Tyson
Sceptile 100 ArtMax
Scizor 100 ZaratoX
Serperior 100 Ludichat
Snivy 100 GoomyZ
Sliggoo 100 GoomyZ
Slowbro 82 xxpinkbro
Shinx 100 DarkMatter
Seedot 100 DarkMatter
Shiftry 100 Nezu Akitsu
Spritzee 100 BubbleChild
Surskit 100 DarkMatter
Starly 100 ILoveWater
Swampert 100 dragonslayer1993, SebaX, Dark Phoenix
Swalot 100 DarkMatter
Swirlix 100 BubbleChild
Sylveon 100 Sakira
Tangrowth 100 Alex_Dono
Teddiursa 100 Kendel, DarkMatter, ILoveWater
Timburr 100 Pencil
Togekiss 100 GoomyZ
Tropius 100 Zappeh
Turtwig 100 Yoshifanatic1
Typhlosion 100 Alex_Dono
Tyranitar 100 Kyorgre, Mico
Umbreon 100 Tuoko
Ursaring 100 DarkMatter, GoomyZ
Vaporeon 100 Tuoko, Lotto
Vanilluxe 100 Medyn
Venomoth 100 Artmax,ILoveWater
Vespiquen 100 Dark Phoenix
Vileplume 100 Coraje, Medyn, DarkMatter
Volcarona 100 ILoveWater
Xatu 100 Alex_Dono
Yanmega 100 Nuxl, Zappeh
Zangoose 100 Nezu Akitsu
Zigzagoon 100 Luli/Fayrin/Ashie, SebaX
Zoroark 100 GoomyZ, Mungl1, Aragoth

Fastest Dungeon Runs

To be added. Must include a video.

Pebble Cave
Tiny Grotto
Seaside Cavern
Sour Root Cave
Happiness Lake
Cliffside Cavern

Most experience gained in one move

To be added. Must include screenshots. Include the battle log when you used the move that shows all the experience.

Most money earned from selling to kecleon

To be added. You must include a video that shows your entire bag before selling and after selling.

Most money earned from selling to a player

A Festive Present sold for 48.4m by DarkMatter to ILoveWater.

Least damage inflicted

Can't be in a party or have any held items. Your mon must be at least the same level or greater then the mon you are battling. Video/Screenshot required.

Most damage dealt

Made by myself (Deathorse) and Turtwig A:


The Current Record

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