Rest Houses are a feature introduced in order to reduce distances traveled to dungeons that are far from the region's main town, especially those that are commonly used as training spots. They allow you to set your rest point (the place you wake up after you faint, give up, or escape from a dungeon) near a dungeon for a fee, which varies depending on the location.


Blaire's Fortune Tent

Located south of the entrance to Starlit Lagoon, at the foot of its slope. Run by Blaire, a Braixen, the fee is 3,000 Pokè.

  • Passing in front of the skull on the table gives the following flavor text: "The skull's crystal eyes seem to watch you as you move around the room."

Bonee's Resting Hut

Located to the east of the bridge to Tanren Mansion. Run by Bonee, a Cubone, the fee is 2,000 Poké.

  • The hut also contains a Piplup NPC, who mentions an unsettling landmark nearby, a well on the south-middle path from the hut.

Cleo​'s Rest House

Located north-east of the entrance to Sunrise Temple. Run by Cleo, a Nidoqueen, the fee is 3,000 Pokè.

  • The rest house also has a shop run by Ceasar, a Nidoking. He sells the following:
Item Price
Stick 25 Poké
Oran Berry 30 Poké
Leppa Berry 30 Poké
Gravelerock 30 Poké
Cacnea Spike 50 Poké
Power Herb 400 Poké
Mental Herb 400 Poké
White Herb 400 Poké
Leftovers 1000 Poké
Big Root 2500 Poké
Revival Herb 5000 Poké

Exbel-Winden Rest Point

Located to the left of the path on the border to Winden Passage (the path taken to reach Winden Pass). Run by a Blissey, the fee is 1,000 Poké.

Graceffa's Rest Stop

Located under the bridge to Mt. Skylift's entrance. Run by Graceffa, a Sceptile, the fee is 2,500 Poké. 

Karia's Place

Located between Dragon's Descent and Rocky Ravine as rest point for both. Run by Karia, a Crawdaunt, the fee is 7,500 Poké.
  • Blaire's Fortune Tent (Exterior)
  • Blaire's Fortune Tent (Interior)
  • Bonee's Resting Hut (Exterior)
  • Bonee's Resting Hut (Interior)
  • Cleo's Rest House (Exterior)
  • Cleo's Rest House (Interior)
  • Exbel-Winden Rest Point (Exterior)
  • Exbel-Winden Rest Point (Interior)
  • Graceffa's Rest Stop (Exterior)
  • Graceffa's Rest Stop (Interior)
  • Karia's Place (Exterior)
  • Karia's Place (Interior)
  • Oracle's Rest Stop (Exterior)
  • Oracle's Rest Stop (Interior)
  • Saia's Rest Stop (Exterior)
  • Saia's Rest Stop (Interior)
  • Tanren Ranch (Exterior)
  • Tanren Ranch (Interior)
  • Tanren Ranch (Interior 2.0)

​Oracle's Rest Stop

Located to the right of the incline to Mt. Moon's Cloaked Cliff (the acutal entrance to the dungeon), nestled into its side. Run by Oracle, a Xatu, the fee is 3,000 Poké.

Saia's Rest Stop

Located on the path to Mysterious Jungle, northwestern of the dungeon's opening. Run by Saia, a Blaziken, the fee is 4,000 Poké.

Tanren Ranch

Located at the entrance to Rustic Savannah (the building passed through to the dungeon's entrance). Run by Betty and Bully, a Miltank and a Tauros respectively, the fee is 2,000 Poké.

  • Betty also runs a small shop, selling the following:
Item Price
Cheri Berry 50 Poké
Rawst Berry 50 Poké
Pecha Berry 50 Poké
Apple 55 Poké
Ether 75 Poké
Sitrus Berry 125 Poké
Herbal Tea 150 Poké
Big Apple 250 Poké
Max Ether 250 Poké
Moomoo Milk 350 Poké
  • Bully sells the following Orbs:
Item Price
Escape Orb 150 Pokè
Clear Sky Orb 200 Pokè
See-Trap Orb 200 Pokè
Trapbust Orb 200 Pokè
Cleanse Orb 250 Pokè
Recycle Orb 250 Pokè
Scanner Orb 300 Pokè
Nullify Orb 300 Pokè
Health Orb 300 Pokè
Recovery Orb 300 Pokè
  • The ranch also has a group of nine Mareep NPCs all named Dolly, in reference to the first cloned mammal, a sheep, of the same name. Herdie, a nearby Herdier NPC, seems to be weirded out by the group.


  • This feature, created by Festivo, was officially introduced on June 23, 2016.
  • Even if you don't have it set as your rest point, stepping on the bed(s) will restore your party to full health.