Rocky Ravine
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Secret Room


Level Range

40 to 50

Rocky Ravine, shortened to RR or RoR by players, is a dungeon that was released on June 25th, 2015. It's located in northwest Tanren. No HMs outside of what's required to access Tanren are needed to reach it. It has 35 floors, with a rest point after B20F. Despite its name, there are many Grass- and Ground-types found in the dungeon. It's the only dungeon where Bouffalant and Turtwig can be recruited.

Dungeon Parts


Low Floors

Spanning from B1F to B10F, the lower floors contain tan-colored walls and dirt floors that have plants on them. Rocks and foliage can be seen on the walls. There is no darkness or weather present. Rooms are small to medium sized with short and simple to medium and mildly complex hallways.
  • Lower Floors
  • Middle Floors
  • Upper Floors

Middle Floors

These floors have the same walls as the lower floors, but the ground is now rocky and features different plants on it. They run from B11F to B20F. They introduce darkness to the dungeon. Hippowdon make Sandstorm weather, which make it harder to see. The hallways get longer and more complex than the lower floors, but the room sizes are about the same.

Upper Floors

The scenery shifts now to have sandy-coloured walls with large, somewhat jagged rocks in them. The floor tiles are the same, but the walls give it a sort of orange-y tint. The darkness is also stronger now, giving the player less space to see. The Hippowdon spawning continue to produce the Sandstorm weather. The floors run from B21F to the end of the dungeon, B35F. The hallways continue to become more complex, and rooms start to get smaller on average with some medium sized ones.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Low Floors

  • Bouffalant
  • Breloom
  • Cacnea
  • Carnivine
  • Exeggutor
  • Grotle
  • Tangela

Middle Floors

  • Claydol
  • Dugtrio
  • Exeggutor
  • Hippowdon
  • Rhydon
  • Sandshrew
  • Vibrava

Upper Floors

  • Cacturne
  • Cradily
  • Flygon
  • Hippowdon
  • Marowak
  • Rhyperior
  • Sandslash
  • Torterra
  • Turtwig


There are several basic items in the dungeon, with nothing spectacularly unique sticking out outside of the rare TM Energy Ball. However, since it can be obtained in other dungeons, it doesn't make it highly sought.

Name Location Rarity Walls Visible
Apple All floors Common No Yes
Blowback Orb All floors Common No Yes
Cleanse Orb All floors Common No Yes
Ether All floors Common No Yes
Foe-Seal Orb All floors Common No Yes
Grimy Food All floors Common No Yes
Oran Berry All floors Common No Yes
Poké All floors Common No Yes
Power Herb All floors Uncommon No Yes
Quick Orb All floors Common No Yes
Quick Seed All floors Uncommon No Yes
Recycle Orb All floors Common No Yes
Reviver Seed All floors Rare No Yes
Rollcall Orb All floors Common No Yes
Sitrus Berry All floors Uncommon No Yes
Shard (All colors) B21F Uncommon No No
Sharp Bone (5) B21F Uncommon No Yes
TM Energy Ball B1F-B10F Rare Yes Yes
TM Flash All floors Uncommon No Yes
Trawl Orb All floors Common No Yes


There are a few items in which can only be found if they're dropped by Pokémon.

  • Boxes
  • Shard (All colors)
  • Toxic Orb, dropped by Breloom

Final Room


The final room of Rocky Ravine

In the final room, there are two Deluxe Boxes which may contain one of a few items:

  • Grass Diamond
  • Ground Diamond
  • Grass Dust
  • Ground Dust
  • Sandy Orb
  • TM Sandstorm
  • TM Solar Beam

Dungeon Objective

The main goal of the dungeon is to complete it. There may also be the goal to recruit Bouffalant or Turtwig, as they aren't found in other dungeons.


  • Bring a Flying-type or a Pokémon with Magnet Rise, as there are several Ground-type AoE spammers.
  • The dungeon is recommended for level 40s and up.
  • Pokémon with Metal Burst will appear in the B11F+ floors, so be careful, since Metal Burst works as a countering Move.



The rest point, found after B20F.

  • The dungeon was Bouffalant's debut.
  • Though it was made by a few mappers, the dungeon was considered Bloodthirst's work.

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