Seaside Cavern
Seaside Cavern Entrance









Set Level


Secret Room


Level Range

1 to 5

Seaside Cavern, also called SC or Seaside by players, is a Water-type beginner dungeon found early in the game. It is unique for having locked stairs, where one must find a key to unlock it.

The Pokémon in Seaside Cavern are mainly in the level range of 1-5.

Dungeon Parts


Locked Stairs.


The scenery of this dungeon is the same throughout the whole dungeon, with elongated rooms, blue sea rocks and water.


The Pokémon here are mostly water types, all first stage excluding the boss, Kingler, which is a second stage.

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
79 Slowpoke 1-5 12%
120 Staryu 1-5 8.9%


The boss is a Kingler, he gets mad at you for invading his territory and then fights you. The boss drops 3 different items:

  • Poké - Common
  • Mystic Water - Uncommon
  • Water Stone - Rare
Pic. Pokémon
99 Kingler


Name Rarity Floors
Seaside Key Always All
Apple Common All
Blast Seed Uncommon All
Geo Pebble Uncommon All
Leppa Berry Uncommon All
Oran Berry Common All
Poké Common All

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this dungeon is to go up the floors and beat the boss. In this dungeon, the stairs are locked and for you to unlock the stairs you need to obtain the seaside key, which can be found on every floor. After you get a key, when you walk onto the stairs, you can unlock them


The player has to collect Seaside Keys located throughout the dungeon and use them to unlock the sealed doors in order to progress.


Locked Stairs


  • Seaside Cavern was originally a part of PMU 6, and was re-added in PMU 7 as one of the four original dungeons.


  • Seaside Cavern was originally a part of PMU 6.
  • When added to PMU7, for about a year and a half it still had its premapped form, but was then remodeled into a random dungeon.
  • Was one of the four original PMU 7 dungeons.
  • Pillager's Cove, West of the Seaside Entrance, appears to be an old hideout of Cap'n Kingler and his crew.
    File:Huge chunk.png
  • At the first floor in Seaside Cavern, there will be always a huge chunk of enemies at the same place, which makes this dungeon perfect for training low level Pokémons, unknown if it is a glitch or intentional.


Pokémon Mystery Universe- The New Seaside Cavern03:50

Pokémon Mystery Universe- The New Seaside Cavern

Seaside Cavern Playthrough

Early PMU7 Seaside Cavern Playthrough by taco pizza01:33

Early PMU7 Seaside Cavern Playthrough by taco pizza

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