Skylift SR

Mt Skylift Secret Room

Secret Rooms are a feature that was added to the game in PMU7. They appear in Random Dungeons and are uncommon to be released. The dungeons are randomly set on a floor.

The secret rooms have boxes that can give rare items or common items when opened at the Grassroot Bazaar with the help of the Xatu Appraisal service.


The location of the Secret Rooms are randomly generated on a floor and can appear in a number of dungeons. All the dungeons that the secret rooms appear are randomly generated.

The Secret Rooms are located between floors, for example if you enter a secret room on floor 25 when you exit the secret room you will appear on floor 26.

Secret Rooms


In certain secret rooms it is possible to spawn Pokemon with Honey. The Pokémon that spawn in these rooms are often rare pokemon that can only be gotten here. The Pokémon that spawn in these rooms are as follows;

However, Zorua is only available in Phantom Forest which is an Event dungeon.

In Sunrise Temple, the player can obtain a Larvesta egg after going through a puzzle.


The dungeons that Secret Rooms appear in most random dungeons, and they appear randomly in the dungeons. The list of the dungeons that the Secret Rooms appear in are as follows;

The Secret Rooms of these dungeons give rare items that are also mixed with common items the list of items that the secret rooms give are inside their respective dungeon page.

Red Moon Springs

Red Moon Spring is a special secret room that was added to Loch Lenile Cavern. It serves a special purpose and a different layout then the common Secret Room.


Instead of the common Deluxe Boxes that are found in other Secret Rooms this one offers no boxes instead it can spawn Pokemon. However the Pokémon that are spawned here are fossil Pokémon and you need special items to summon them.


The Pokemon that can be found here are all the fossil Pokémon, however you need special items to spawn them. The items that you need are fossils they can be found in a variety of dungeons, mainly Tanren Chambers, but there are also fossils inside Mt. Skylift and Crystal Ruins.


The items that can be resurrected in Red Moon Springs are fossils and there is a list of the items as follows:

The fossils that are found in Tanren Chambers are all found in different chambers, they are also all in the high floors (see Tanren Chambers for more information). The other fossils (Old Amber and Dome Fossils) can be found in the other dungeons, they are invisible on the ground of the dungeons. Usually on the higher floors (See respective dungeons for more information).


When you summon the Pokémon via Fossil the Pokémon will be the living counter-part of the item, as a level 25 base form, with a recruitment of +1000 (always recruitable).


  • Sauna Cavern is the only dungeon with 2 floors of Secret Rooms.
  • Eviolite can only be found in 1 Secret Room.

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