Southern Sea
Southern sea
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Set Level


Secret Room


Sealed Chamber

25F & 35F

Monster House


Level Range

19 to 32

Southern Sea, known as SS to players , is a dungeon on the Southwest corner of the Exbel Region. It is a Water type-themed dungeon consisting of many aquatic Pokémon  To access this dungeon, you will need HM Cut, HM Rock Smash, and HM Surf. To get to Southern Sea, the player will need to travel through Mineral Cavern.

An outpost is found after Mineral Cavern, which leads to the Southern sea. It is a small island that contains a Kangaskhan Storage and Chimecho Assembly. It is a great place to restock before adventuring. A few palm trees surround the island, and a table for players to sit around is near the middle right of the map. The Pokémon's levels are as high as 45 near the end, but under-leveled Pokémon may still be able to beat the dungeon with a type advantage and area effect moves such as Discharge. 

Dungeon Parts


Throughout the dungeon, scenery is mostly the same.  The floor remains a water type flooring throughout the entire dungeon with the walls being a pink/light blue with scattered seaweed on the walls.
  • Low Floors
  • Mid Floors
  • Upper Floors
  • Upper Floors

As the player(s) progress through the dungeon, darkness starts appearing, with the range becoming smaller and smaller the further down players get.

Low Floors (1-15)

The low floors have a water like flooring with a pink wall and seaweed that hangs off it. The rooms are big and ironically there is no type specific water in this dungeon. This lasts from the beginning to floor 15. Note throughout the dungeon that Finneon and Lumineon have Storm Drain and will draw in Water-type attacks if they are nearby.

Mid Floors (16-28)

The mid floors keep the same scenery set that the lower floors did but now the walls are blue and there is a shade that is introduced along with stronger pokémon. From floor 21 all the way to the end, the rooms get smaller and become more maze like but still keep the appearance. 

Upper Floors (29-38)

The upper floors have deep water like flooring with a light blue walls and seaweed as before and the lights become smaller.


The Pokémon that are in this dungeon are all Water types. The Pokémon here range form level 20 to the high 30s. Pokémon in bold are recruitable, please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Low Floors

The Pokémon that are in this scenery set are mostly all first evolution water types. This begins at floor 1 and ends at floor 15.

Mid Floors

The Pokémon that are in this scenery set are the mostly the same Pokémon from before however there is an addition of the second stage evolutions of the previous Pokémon found on the earlier floors. This starts at floor 16 and ends at floor 28.

Upper Floors

The Pokémon become stronger with more final evolutions added. This begins at floor 29 and lasts untill floor 38.

Icon Pokémon Floors Recruitable?
Staryu 1-15 Yes
Goldeen 1-28 Yes
Corphish 1-15 Yes
Finneon 1-38 Yes
Lumineon 1-38 No
Corsola 1-28 Yes
Luvdisc 1-15 Yes
Carvanha 1-38 Yes
Tentacool 1-28 Yes
Azumarill 1-38 Yes
Starmie 16-38 Yes
Seaking 16-38 No
Feebas '20 '30 Yes
Tentacruel 16-38 No
Sharpedo 16-38 No
Qwilfish 16-28 Yes
Crawdaunt 29-38 No
Chinchou 29-38 Yes
Clamperl 29-38 Yes

*Clamperl attacks only in self-defense


The boss in this dungeon are two Pokémon: Gorebyss and Huntail. When you first enter the boss room they will have a conversation about you and then proceed to attack you. The bosses usually drop Tiny Mushroom but do have a rare drop of Seafloor Tooth or Seafloor Scale.

Icon Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
Huntail Boss Unrecruitable
Gorebyss Boss Unrecruitable


This dungeon has a special feature: Feebas. On floor 20 and 30, there is a chance for a Feebas to spawn. These floors contain very large rooms, sometimes being only 2 or 3 on the floor, and very few hallways. Feebas only spawn on floors 20 and 30. The chances of Feebas spawning is very rare.


The items in this dungeon are the necessities for an explorer but there is also some other items for quests. Since this is a random dungeon it has the possibilities of spawning Tutor Items that are invisible. This dungeon is also the only dungeon that has ID Items that are spawned on the walls, visible.

  • Apple
  • Ether
  • Pearl
  • Poké
  • Corsola Twig
  • Shoal Shell (ID Item)
  • Shoal Salt (ID Item)
  • Grimy Food
  • Hard Stone
  • Blue Silk (25F and 35F Sealed Chamber)

Secret Room

Southern Sea is also a dungeon that has the rare Secret Room, and this room can be found on any floor and has a total of 4 boxes that are obtainable. The items that you can get are listed as follows:

Southern Sea's Secret Room
  • Lum Berry
  • Big Pearl
  • Torrent Band
  • Revival Herb
  • Big Apple

Dungeon Objective

This dungeon's objective like many others is to go up the floors and beat the boss. It is also possible to complete the Shell Bell Quest, or to catch Chinchou, Clamperl, Qwilfish, or Feebas because is the only dungeon where they appear.


  • Due to "unfair" spawning of the player into Southern Sea, the Southern Sea Outpost was added as a small rest stop. In the past, the player needed to use Surf on a small bridge to directly enter Southern Sea, but this negated the invincibility before moving when a player enters a dungeon or enters a new floor. This caused many players to faint in the dungeon easily. It was later suggested for an outpost to be added.
  • Pre-rollback, there was a period when Pokémon spawned constantly and continuously without the need for Honey. This made SS a very good spot for training until it was discovered and removed later by staff.
  • This dungeon was created by the former Mapper, Dandy.
    Southern sea lower floors

    Southern Sea lower floors before being revamped


PMUniverse MC and SS!-0

PMUniverse MC and SS!-0

Southern Sea