Staff members are a group of players that have different jobs, and therefore, different privileges. With the different jobs come different name colors as shown in the list below. The lower names have fewer privileges compared to the ones that are higher up.

Admins - They are in charge of the core of the system itself. They have complete control over the game and can make new features as well as do what a developer does.

Programmers/Scripters (Coders) - They develop new code/features for PMU. They also assist with balancing mechanics of the game. They also carry on the duties of a developer.

Developers - They can make NPCs, which includes - but is not limited to - making the moves that they use, making the items that they drop, and creating the strength of the NPC. They can also create items with different effects, however they cannot create item effects. They can do what a mapper does.

Mappers -  A Mapper's main job is the create maps and dungeons. They have the ability to spawn NPCs and Items onto the maps. However they cannot personally create the items or NPCs. They also do whatever a Moderator does.

Moderators - They are in charge of maintaining order in the game. Moderators also do a lot of testing. They have the power to administer punishment as they see fit.

Current Staff





Graphic Artists

Head Moderator

  • Still under discussion


  • MagicWiz
  • Pazu
  • Coki
  • Procyoon
  • Nyrias
  • Mashew

Support Team

Chatango Moderators

  • LegendaryCatcher


Former Staff

All names listed below are former members of the Pokemon Mystery Universe Staff Team as of Stoneage - PMU 7.

[ ] = Other duties, notes.



  • Linkachu [founder]
  • Joel
  • Mana
  • Sparky [server host]
  • Wolf Link
  • LuigiDude [most recently developer]
  • Pikachu [former programmer]
  • Yatterman
  • Flare



Head Designer

Head Moderator 

  • Kronic
  • ChaotixBluix


Story Writers

  • Aro
  • Capazzkicker (Napo)


  • Lukros [Chomp's Alt]

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