Starlit Lagoon
Starlit Lagoon Entrance
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Set Level


Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

60 to 80

Starlit Lagoon, or SL, is a dungeon created by Kittu. It is located to the west of Archford, near Voltaic Rainforest. No HM is required to access this dungeon.

This dungeon has 60 floors and has a single boss at the end of it. There's a rest stop after 44F.

Dungeon Info


Lower Floors (1-24F)


Middle Floors (24-44F)


Upper Floors (45-60F)


Rest Stop

There is a rest stop after 44F. As you continue to go on, you will find that the way is blocked by doors. In order to proceed through, you will have to find a Starlit Key, which is hidden near the doors. After opening the door, the key will dissolve and there's Kangaskhan Statue for you to store and take items.


Wild Pokémon in this dungeon are mostly Water-type (more common in lower floors) and Psychic-type. They are all fully evolved (except recruitable Pokémon) and can spawn a lot.

Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokemon page for more information.

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
079 Slowpoke 1-24 2.0%
131 Lapras 1-24 Unrecruitable
423 Gastrodon (East) 1-24 Unrecruitable
423-west Gastrodon (West) 1-24 Unrecruitable
099 Kingler 1-24 Unrecruitable
103 Exeggutor 1-24 Unrecruitable
358 Chimecho 1-24 Unrecruitable
047 Parasect 1-24 Unrecruitable
117 Seadra 1-24 Unrecruitable
203 Girafarig 1-24 Unrecruitable
171 Lanturn 1-24 Unrecruitable
202 Wobbuffet 1-44 Unrecruitable
139 Omastar 1-44 Unrecruitable
141 Kabutops 1-44 Unrecruitable
080 Slowbro 1-60 Unrecruitable
199 Slowking 1-60 Unrecruitable
121 Starmie 1-60 Unrecruitable
687 Malamar 1-60 Unrecruitable
134 Vaporeon 1-60 Unrecruitable
124 Jynx 25-44 Unrecruitable
302 Sableye 25-44 Unrecruitable
528 Swoobat 25-44 Unrecruitable
437 Bronzong 25-44 Unrecruitable
064 Kadabra 25-44 Unrecruitable
308 Medicham 25-44 Unrecruitable
606 Beheeyem 25-44 Unrecruitable
178 Xatu 25-44 Unrecruitable
272 Ludicolo 25-44 Unrecruitable
375 Metang 25-44 Unrecruitable
326 Grumpig 25-44 Unrecruitable
346 Cradily 25-44 Unrecruitable
475 Gallade 25-60 Unrecruitable
561 Sigilyph 25-60 Unrecruitable
518 Musharna 45-60 Unrecruitable
097 Hypno 45-60 Unrecruitable
337 Lunatone 45-60 Unrecruitable
094 Gengar 45-60 Unrecruitable
036 Clefable 45-60 Unrecruitable
282 Gardevoir 45-60 Unrecruitable
122 Mr. Mime 45-60 Unrecruitable
579 Reuniclus 45-60 Unrecruitable
376 Metagross 45-60 Unrecruitable
196 Espeon 45-60 Unrecruitable
517 Munna 45-60 0.3%
574 Gothita 45-60 0.5%


  • Oran Berry
  • Pecha Berry
  • Ether
  • Max Ether
  • Green Apple
  • Big Green Apple
  • Reviver Seed
  • Gummi
  • Shard (Hidden)
  • Blast Seed
  • TM Psyshock
  • TM Dazzling Gleam
  • Escape Orb
  • Quick Seed
  • Orbs (Cleanse, One-Room, See-Trap, Trawl, Mobile, Recycle)
  • Stamina Band
  • Special Band
  • Stardust
  • Heart Scale (Hidden, in wall)
  • Moon Stone (In wall)
  • Sun Stone (In wall)
  • Mystery Egg (50F+)

End Box


There is only one End Box here in the end room. The box may contain one of these items listed below:

  • Relic Statue
  • Max Revive
  • Comet Shard
  • Revival Herb
  • TM Psychic
  • TM Substitute
  • Lunar Herb
  • Mobile Scarf

Mystery Egg

Mystery Egg can be found on the upper floors of this dungeon (50F+) and can be either on ground or in wall.

Pic. Pokemon
561 Sigilyph
527 Woobat
092 Gastly
338 Solrock
337 Lunatone
173 Cleffa
102 Exeggcute
079 Slowpoke
677 Espurr

(Hidden, on wall)


The boss of this dungeon is the Legendary Pokemon Jirachi. Like Mew, Jirachi wishes to play with the player, and calls the game "destruction." Unlike Mew, Jirachi doesn't cry when defeated. Instead, Jirachi says that it was fun, and Jirachi tells the player to come back sometime, saying that next time, Jirachi will have a game that the player will not win.

Pic. Pokémon
385 Jirachi

Boss Drop

  • Big Mushroom
  • Jirachi's Heart Slate

Secret Room

Starlit Lagoon SR

Secret Room also appears in this dungeon, starting from 25F. There are 2 boxes there, and they may contain items listed below:

  • Revival Herb
  • TM Psychic

Dungeon Objective

  • This dungeon has a wide variety of Pokémon and most of them are Water and Psychic-type, which is good for training Pokémon with types that are super effective on them.
  • The dungeon's floors usually have small amount of rooms, while Pokémon tend to spawn a lot and give out good amount of experience. Consequently, it's a good place to train Pokémon.
  • This is the only place where players can recruit Gothita. Also, Munna, which used to be available only in HC, is now recruitable here.
  • Players can also obtain Jirachi's Heart Slate (rare chance) and use it with the Mystery Part to summon Jirachi in dungeon. This also gives players access to its signature move, Doom Desire.


  • Bring a Mobile Scarf or Ghost type for the Moon and Sun Stones in the walls, and a Pokemon with Frisk if you want to try and get an Espurr egg.


  • This dungeon is made completely by kittu.