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Secret Room


Level Range

20 to 50

Sunrise Temple is a dungeon created by Scizivire and released 18th of February 2017. It is situated in Tanren Desert.

It has 28 floors, separated in two parts with a rest stop after 14F and end with a boss. In the second part you can find a Secret Room with a puzzle allowing you to get a Larvesta Mystery Egg.

This dungeon is mainly Ground and Fire-type, but some other type of Pokémon can be found too, depending on the time.

Dungeon parts


The dungeon mostly looks like ruins in the desert. It may have some dead-ends as well.


Pokémon in here are mainly Fire and Ground-type, with some other type Pokémon, mostly are Pokémon which live in desert ruins. The Pokémon also spawns differently in each different time period.

(Pokémon in bold are recruitable)

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
19 Rattata 1-14
436 Bronzor 1-14 Unrecruitable
228 Houndour 1-14
218 Slugma 1-14
554 Darumaka 1-14 Unrecruitable
343 Baltoy 1-14 Unrecruitable
54 Psyduck 1-14
95 Onix 1-14
37 Vulpix


1-14 Unrecruitable
667 Litleo 1-14
391 Monferno 8-19 Unrecruitable
44 Gloom 8-19 Unrecruitable
126 Magmar 8-19 Unrecruitable
20 Raticate 10-28 Unrecruitable
324 Torkoal 10-28 Unrecruitable
55 Golduck 15-28 Unrecruitable
269 Dustox


15-28 Unrecruitable
555 Darmanitan 15-28 Unrecruitable
28 Sandslash 15-28 Unrecruitable
178 Xatu 15-28 Unrecruitable
344 Claydol 15-28 Unrecruitable
392 Infernape 15-28 Unrecruitable
437 Bronzong 15-28 Unrecruitable
182 Bellossom 15-28 Unrecruitable
338 Solrock


15-28 Unrecruitable
38 Ninetales


15-28 Unrecruitable
267 Beautifly


15-28 Unrecruitable
192 Sunflora


15-28 Unrecruitable
623 Golurk 15-28 Unrecruitable
637 Volcarona 21-28 Unrecruitable
622 Golett * 20-28
390 Chimchar * 20-28

(Please add Recruit Rate, Spawn Time and fix the Spawn Floors if it's wrong)


Sunrise Temple has a sole boss at the end of the dungeon: Entei, one of the Legendary Beasts Pokémon, alongside with Raikou* and Suicune.

Pic. Pokémon
244 Entei

Boss Drops

  • Big Mushroom
  • Fire Diamond
  • Entei's Heart Slate (1% drop rate)


Item Floor Hidden Rarity Wall
Grimy Food All No No
Yellow Apple No
Drought Orb Yes
Cleanse Orb No
Recycle Orb No
TM Flamethrower
TM Incinerate
Occa Berry No
Payapa Berry No
Rawst Berry No
Iron Thorn
Blast Seed No
Persim Berry
Persim Band
Def. Scarf
Zinc Band
Rawst Scarf
Warp Orb
Trapbust Orb
Shards Yes Y/N
Reviver Seed No

End Box Item

  • TM Flame Charge
  • Fire Stone
  • Charcoal
  • Relic Vase
  • Twisted Spoon
  • Revival Herb
  • TM Psyshock
  • Dawn Stone

Secret Room

Starting from floor 15, right after the rest point, until the end of the dungeon, you may find a secret room. Contrary to most secret rooms, there won't be any box. Instead, you will have to solve a puzzle in order to get a Larvesta Mystery Egg. Failing the puzzle will warp you to the next floor.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3

The puzzle works like Wallace Gym: you will fail if you walk twice on the same tile. However, you won't have to walk on every tile, but to step on switches opening the doors for a short time.

The puzzle is symmetrical, the solution shown by the screenshots only show one way to solve the it.


  • Grimy Traps, Sticky Traps and Trip Traps are common here, so be careful!


  • The secret rooms were made more common an hour after this dungeon's release.
  • Because the secret room puzzle is made you can solve it going both left and right,if 2 players enter the SR they can go 1 left and 1 right,making the puzzle way easier

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