Entering the Tanren region.

Tanren is the third released region of PMU, released around August 2012. Tanren is made up of five dungeons thus far, with one dungeon that connects it to the rest of the overworld.

The Pokémon here range from the low 40s to the high 80s.

The region is made up of five sections: Tanren Plaza, West Tanren, East Tanren, South Tanren, and North Tanren.

Like Winden and Exbel, this region previously existed in PMU6.


New regions often have new features, as well as repeats from previous regions.


The features that are repeated or were already in the game before Tanren Villages release are as follows:

Lickilicky's Cleaning Shop

Togetic's Egg Learning Shop

Loomies' Pre Evo Learning Shop

Xatu's Appraisal

Electivire's Move Relearning Shop

Togetic's Egg Trade-In

Housing Center

New Features

Bronzong's Tutoring

Meowth's Shop


This region includes 8 new dungeons. Beach Bunker, Tanren Training Dojo, and Tanren Chambers are recommended for players above level 50. Rustic Savannah (50+) and Dragon's Descent (80+) are relatively popular training locations.

Tanren Tunnel

Beach Bunker

Rustic Savannah

Tanren Chambers

Tanren Training Dojo

Rocky Ravine

Dragon's Descent

Tanren Mansion

Landmarks or Houses

Tanren City

  • Tanren City takes up a majority of the region, with 5 sections to it. 

Retirement Center

The retirement center is below the Chimecho Assembly. It has a caretaker as well as a few old explorers, such as Muriel and Vernon. Apparently the Slowbro the player meets on his/her way to Tanren, was from the Retirement home, but wandered off.

  • The Retirement Home's hay mats also heal HP and PP, like an inn.


When first entering the region, after falling out of Tanren Tunnel, you will meet Pat the Psyduck, a resident of Tanren Plaza. He will show you around as well as crack a few jokes along the way. 

After first meeting Pat, he gives the player an impossible-to-answer question, before fooling the player into going south instead of north. The player gets tired of Pat tricking the player, causing the player to refuse to believe Pat when Pat tells the player to go north. The player goes north anyways and gets to Tanren City Plaza. 


  • Upon first meeting Pat, his mugshot glitches and becomes random Unova legendary Pokémon. These Unova legendary Pokemon include Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem.