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Tanren Arena

Tanren Arena is another section to Mettle Mountain. It is also the second Arena that can be used by players and has a function of always setting the players' levels to 50 before entering.

A Tanren Arena existed in PMU 6 as well, although it was quite different from the PMU 7 version.


The scenery on the upper level of the arena is a dirt/stone combination, while the lower level has a dirt floor with many different obstacles (such as pillars, water, rocks, etc).

The whole arena is encased in a mountain so there are walls surrounding the entire place.

Major Tournaments

Although there are no official tournaments, player hosted and organized tournaments happen occasionally. These tournaments are sometimes aided by the Staff Team.

The current major events are as follows;



The arena has a feature that makes all players that enter it be set to level 50. All Pokémon lower then level 50 are temporarily increased and all Pokémon higher then level 50 are temporarily decreased. The player keeps all the moves that it had. Also, any alterations that are made inside of the arena are set back when you exit.


The Tanren arena has different shops that can be used. The tutor for relearning pre-level moves can be found here. And there is a new shop that is added here; Pursey's Shop. It allows quick access to items but for a higher price. The list of everything inside of the Arena are as follows;

  • Chimecho's Assmebly
  • Pursey's Shop
  • Electivire's Move Relearning
  • Kangaskhan's Storage
    PMU 6 tanren arena

    PMU 6 Tanren Arena


  • When released, there was a bug that allowed you to enter the arena with the current levels you had.
  • This was part of the first project that staff member Voltray had.
  • Tanren Arena is the first Arena to provide a set level.


Pokémon Mystery Universe- Tanren Arena and The Tanren Training Dojo-026:52

Pokémon Mystery Universe- Tanren Arena and The Tanren Training Dojo-0

Tanren Arena and Dojo

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