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Tanren Mansion
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30 to 70

Tanren Mansion, frequently shortened to just Mansion, is a dungeon located in northern Tanren region. The dungeon consists of mainly Ghost-types. There are 40 floors and there are sealed rooms from floors 1 to 10 that lead to Tanren Courtyard or Tanren Basement. The level range of the dungeon starts at level 35 but ends at level 70.

If you are looking for Tanren Courtyard click here.
If you are looking for Tanren Basement click here.

Dungeon Parts



A large bridge leads up to a humongous, black mountain extending up from the water. You pass several signs warning you as you go under many gates and crossing bridges. Several pillars have been cut in half, some trees have blue fire coming from them, and their is a few statues of Pokémon outside including Bonsly, Mime. Jr, and Weavile. The mansion is found between two Mewtwo statues on a elevated hill. The statue's eyes are glowing red.

Lower Floors

  • Lower Floors
  • Upper Floors

The floors have horizontal tan tiles. The wall has a front of white with lower red line spanning across, with the inner wall being completely black. Floors 1 through 10 have sealed rooms that have yellow tiles with stairs going down for Tanren Basement and dark blue grass and plants that lead to Tanren Courtyard. There is no weather or darkness on the floors.

Higher floors

The floors have a maroon color and continue in a square-like pattern. The wall stays the same and there is now a medium sized darkness that envelopes the player.


The Pokémon located in the dungeon are mainly ghost types with other types such as Normal and Psychic also being in the dungeon, although less common.

Lower Floors

The Pokémon in the lower floors are all first evolution Pokémon. Many are ghost types that attack with status moves such as Confuse Ray or Pain Split.

  • Glameow
  • Misdreavus
  • Gastly
  • Spinarak
  • Chimecho

Middle Floors

The Pokémon on the middle floors are a mix of the previous floor with new, stronger additions. Mainly being second stage evolutions.

  • Glameow
  • Gastly
  • Misdreavus
  • Spinarak
  • Ariados
  • Chimecho
  • Lampent
  • Purugly
  • Mismagius
  • Haunter
  • Shedinja

Higher Floors

The Pokémon on all higher floor than includes third stage evolutions Pokémon. The Dark-type and Psychic-type become more popular than. Upper Floor 35 + Litwick can be found.

  • Gastly
  • Gengar
  • Umbreon
  • Noctowl
  • Chandelure
  • Toxicroak
  • Mismagius
  • Misdreavus
  • Mr. Mime
  • Alakazam
  • Glameow
  • Litwick ( 35F + )


The boss of the dungeon are several Pokémon. All are Ghost-types and most have the ability levitate. Rotom is the only boss that drops an item 100% of the time which is Mansion Key.


The items that are found in this dungeon include the basics that an explorer needs to complete a dungeon, however there is a large chance that the items are sticky and therefore unusable. The dungeon also has various tutor items. There are new additions to the selection of orbs including Trawl Orb and Invisify Orb. TM Shadow Ball and TM Toxic are visible in the walls.

Name Floors Rarity Walls Visible
Persim Band All Floors Common No Yes
Reviver Seed All Floors Common No Yes
Invisify Orb All Floors Uncommon No Yes
Petrify Orb All Floors Uncommon No Yes
One-Room Orb No Yes
Blowback Orb No Yes
Foe-Hold Orb No Yes
Cleanse Orb No Yes
Totter Orb No Yes
Quick Orb No Yes
Warp Scarf All Floors Common No Yes
TM Shadow Ball Floors 11+ Uncommon Yes Yes
TM Toxic Floors 11+ Uncommon Yes Yes
TM Embargo Floors 11+ Uncommon No Yes
TM Taunt Floors 11+ Uncommon No Yes
TM Torment No Yes
Old Gateau Floors 11+ Rare No Yes
Dusk Stone Floors 11+ Rare No Yes
Insomniscope All Floors Uncommon No Yes
Black Glasses No Yes
Wise Glasses No Yes
Silver Spike Floors 11+ Uncommon No Yes
Escape Orb Floors 31+ Uncommon No Yes
Purple Silk Floor 35 ~20% Chamber Box

Deluxe Box

At the end of the dungeon, there are 3 Deluxe Boxes, two of which can be obtained by normal means while the third must be gotten with the help of at least one other player. While one player does not stand on the warp the other can freely move over the warp pad to collect the final box.

  • Spooky Plate
  • Shadow Gem
  • Shady Dust
  • Psyche Dust
  • Dark Dust
  • TM Dream Eater
  • TM Toxic
  • TM Taunt
  • Dusk Stone
  • Lum Berry
  • Relic Copper
  • Relic Silver
  • Big Pearl
  • Vanish Seed
  • Reaper Cloth

Sealed Rooms

Tanren Mansion has two different sealed rooms. These rooms are locked by a door with surrounding walls and are inaccessible using Ghost-types. There are three ways to enter a sealed room.

  • Open the locked door using a Mansion Key that is dropped by the Rotom boss in Tanren Mansion.
  • Use a One Room Orb
  • Warp into a room by using a variation of teleportation (ie: Teleport, Warp Scarf, Special-tile Warping, etc.
    • Tanren BasementGo to Tanren Basement
    • Tanren CourtyardGo to Tanren Courtyard
    • Warning: There is no guarantee that this method will always succeed.

There are two different sealed rooms that appear in different floors.

The first is a yellow tiled room with stairs going down which lead to Tanren Basement. These last from floor 1 to floor 5.

The second is a dark grass filled room with plants which lead to Tanren Courtyard. These last from floor 6 to floor 10.

Dungeon Objective

The objective of this dungeon is to recruit Litwick and defeat Rotom and obtain the Mansion Key. This key is required to enter the Tanren Courtyard and Tanren Basement.


The following tips maybe taken into consideration while planning:

  • Bring a Pokémon that is immune to status moves as many Ghost-type Pokémon are capable of inflicting various status moves including immobilization.
  • Bring a Ghost-type Pokémon because there are occasions the sealed room spawns over the entrance to the regular stairs thereby blocking any means of entrance without a Ghost-type.
  • It is possible to enter a sealed room without Mansion Key using a variation of warping (Teleport, Warp Scarf, Warp Seed), however this is largely luck based.


  • It was possible to use the move Teleport or any other variation of warping to enter the sealed rooms without using Mansion Key.
  • This dungeon was delayed for 4 months due to various reasons.
  • Tanren Mansion shares its initials TM with another dungeon, Tanren Mines, and the items Technical Machines. As the three can be confused, its usually frowned upon to refer to either of the dungeons as TM.
  • Tanren Mansion is the first dungeon to be released that specializes in the Ghost-type.
  • The original item that was blocked at the end of Tanren Mansion was Mansion Key, later being replaced by a third Deluxe Box.
  • Tanren Mansion has no secret room, while the dungeons that it leads to both do.

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