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Team Silver Fox banner.

Team Silver Fox was a guild led by Shining Fox, Kirk and Espyria.


  • January, 21, 2013: Team Silver Fox was originally created by Shining Fox (Voltray formerly) and Fokkussu, as a duo-exclusive guild.
  • February, 28, 2013: The guild was disbanded for a minor reason.
  • March, 2013: The guild was recreated again by the same founders with 3 more members then: Erlade, 'Sharky and Kirk.
  • April, 2013: The guild was disbanded again.
  • June, 20, 2013: After the disbanding of the guild Team Floofy Tails, the guild was revived by Shining Fox, Kirk and Espyria.



  • Shining Fox
  • Kirk
  • Espyria


  • Foxy1
  • Sharky


  • GeckoDaGeek

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