Tiles are the little dungeon squares that make up the map on the floor. Players can move on them, be blocked by a wall, or go over water, lava, etc. The squares themselves are not easily seen, but they can be known by stepping on Traps and stairs. There are specific tiles that are always seen, unlike traps. Some are better known than others, but all are found on almost every except for a few.

Although these tiles are known to spawn in rooms large or small, they may rarely spawn in hallways at the corners and entrances into rooms. Stairs are not yet known to spawn in these locations and have only been found in rooms.

Non-Damaging Tiles (not traps)


Stairs Up


This is a necessary element to the game, as it is required in order to move through floors. There is one found on every floor, with the exception of a few dungeons such as Holiday Cave. Stairs are needed to move up and down a dungeon. There are stairs going up as well as ones going

Stairs Down

down, depending on whether the player has to reach the basement or the "roof." Stepping on one will take the player to the next floor, going up by one. The last tile of stairs at the end of a dungeon will let the player escape the dungeon.

However, some stairs are hidden from view, and can be uncovered by stepping on them and making them visible. These are rare, and are known as the stairs to Secret Rooms. They serve the same purpose as regular stairs, although they usually have a nice treat added to them when moving through the dungeon. If found, use them instead of the regular stairs! You will not regret it!

Warp Points


Warp Trap

These tiles are the same as the Warp Trap with the exception of this not being trap. They are found at the end of some dungeons or at a saving point. They will either warp the player to the next floor or they take the player out of the dungeon. And example of this tile is used in Cliffside Cave, after defeating Golem.


Kecleon Carpet


In some dungeons, one may be lucky enough to find a Kecleon Shop. Run by a single Kecleon, it is a small shop on the ground made up of this tile in a 1-tile radius around Kecleon. On this tile there may be items for sale that can be found in that particular dungeon, and some items that are just very rare and cannot be found anyplace else. Dropping an item on this tile will prompt the player with a message asking if they wish to sell this item. Talking to the Kecleon will just engage in a welcoming conversation. Items cannot be stolen from here.

Wonder Tile


Wonder Tile

If the player has any kind of lowered stat, such as attack or evasion, stepping on this tile will restore the stat to its original state. However, any stat changed made by the player to aid themselves will also disappear, so be careful not to use this tile if you've just spammed Howl or Dragon Dance. They can be found on almost every floor, and it is sometimes rare to find a floor without a single one of these.


  • With the exception of the stairs, wild Pokémon can step on the tiles as well, but they will not be affected.
    • ​Wild Pokémon will not be warped if they step on a Warp Tile.
    • Wild Pokémon also cannot pick up items on the Kecleon Shop Carpet Tile.
    • Wild Pokémon stats will not be returned to default after enhancements if they step on a Wonder Tile.

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