Tiny Grotto
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Secret Room


Monster House


Level Range

1 to 20

Tiny Grotto, also called TG, was recognized as the first dungeon of the game before the revamp and introduction of Pebble Cave, and was widely considered to be the easiest dungeon for new players to get experienced with how the game functions.

There are 10 floors in this dungeon, whereby there is a safe midpoint known as The Santuary. To proceed beyond the midpoint of Tiny Grotto, the player must have completed Cliffside Cave. The boss of the dungeon is a Roselia accompanied by two Budew.

The Pokémon in Tiny Grotto are mainly in the level range of 1-20.

Dungeon Parts


  • Inside Tiny Woods
  • Tiny Grotto's Midpoint

The scenery in this dungeon starts with grassy ground and flowers in the walls. After the midpoint, there are patches of grass and flowers planted everywhere, with the floor more purple and the wall more overgrown. The midpoint also has a warp point that takes you back to The Crossroads.


Pokémon in bold are recruitable. Please visit the Recruitable Pokémon page for more information.

Pic. Pokémon Floor Recruit Rate
191 Sunkern 1-5 8.2%
019 Rattata 1-5 9.5%
406 Budew 1-10 Unrecruitable
187 Hoppip 1-5 8.2%
285 Shroomish 1-5 Unrecruitable
273 Seedot 6-10 7.5%
420 Cherubi 6-10 Unrecruitable
114 Tangela 6-10 Unrecruitable
274 Nuzleaf 6-10 Unrecruitable
188 Skiploom 6-10 Unrecruitable


Upon reaching Tiny Grotto Depths, the boss Roselia confronts the player for disturbing her adobe and asserts that the player has put things out of place in her beautiful home. Angered, Roselia then proceeds to call out for 2 Budew lackeys and fights the player.

Pic. Pokémon
406 Budew
315 Roselia

Boss Drops

There are no boss drops from this dungeon.

Roselia and two Budew


Name Floors Rarity
Poké 1-10 Common
Apple 1-10 Common
Oran Berry 1-10 Common
Pecha Berry 1-10 Common
Leppa Berry 1-10 Common
Sticks 1-5 Rare
Blast Seed 1-10 Rare

Dungeon Objective

The goal of this dungeon is to get higher in the floors and beat the dungeon boss. This dungeon is also the first dungeon accessible for players to recruit Sunkern, Hoppip, and Seedot.

Seedot is a rare spawn in Tiny Grotto and can be otherwise only be obtained rarely from Sky Garden eggs.


  • The entrance for Halloween HC originally led to Tiny Grotto, as a joke by staff.
  • Tiny Grotto was the one of the four original dungeons in PMU 7.
  • As the dungeon is so simple, players often joke about it being impossibly hard to conquer.
  • Tiny Grotto had 3 floors before the revamp.


Early PMU7 Tiny Grotto Playthrough by taco pizza

Early PMU7 Tiny Grotto Playthrough by taco pizza