Traps are a type of Tile that are usually dangerous to the player when stepped on in dungeons. There are many types and each one has its own effects, and each of those effects happens somewhat randomly. Traps are found in all dungeons and are invisible until they are stepped on or revealed (using a normal attack, F, on the tile in front).

Traps typically spawn only in rooms but in some dungeons they can spawn in hallways as well. The varieties of traps found in a dungeon can differ between dungeons.

Common Traps

Chestnut Trap


This trap, when stepped on, drops chestnuts onto the player's head and causes them to lose 15 HP every time they step on the tile. This only affects the player stepping on the trap. Pokémon with Magic Guard or Levitate can not be harmed by this trap.

Self Destruct Trap


Stepping on this trap causes an explosion in which all Pokémon within a 1-tile radius will take damage. It takes half of the player's HP and does some damage to wild Pokémon with the exception of Fire-types, who will only take half the damage. If a Pokémon with Damp is present on the map or floor, then the trap will not go off.

Explosion Trap


Similar to the Self Destruct Trap, this trap also explodes and does damage around a certain radius. Only this one will damage Pokémon within a 2-tile radius and halves the HP of all Pokémon hit. As with the Self Destruct Trap, it will not go off if a Pokémon with Damp is present on the map or floor.

Grimy Trap


This is one of the most hated traps the game, as it can ultimately end up ruining the journey for the player if stepped on. By stepping on this, edible food items such as apples, bananas, and berries can become Grimy Food (in the case of berries, Grimy Berry). Eating this Grimy Food will restore a very small amount of belly, and will inflict harm, ranging from stat reductions to status effects.This trap only affects the player stepping on it.

Gust Trap


This trap will send the player stepping on it flying in any direction until they hit a wall.Pokemon with "Suction Cup" wont be blown away

Mud Trap


Stepping on a Mud Trap makes mud splash up at the player and it lowers any one of the Pokémon's stats, including evasion and accuracy(Keeps in mind that stat drops below 0 counts as 0)Stepping on this trap multiple times will destroy the trap.

Pitfall Trap


This trap will send the player one story down. In dungeons where the dungeon is deeper going down, this moves the player forward one floor. In dungeons where the dungeon is deeper going up, this moves the player down one floor. In the case of the latter, going onto the next floor will reunite them with their teammates if in a party.

Poison Trap


Players stepping on this will be afflicted with the "Poisoned" status, making them take damage with every step they take. Steel and Poison-type Pokémon will not be affected. Pokemon with Leaf Guard or other Poison-immune abilities will not be affected.

PP Zero Trap


Pokémon that step on this will have one of their moves' PP dropped down the zero. The move selected is random.

Seal Trap


Stepping on this trap will have one of the Pokémon's moves sealed. A sealed move can not be used so long as the player remains on the floor or map. Heal Seeds and the move Healing Wish will get rid of the sealing. Pokemon with Leaf Guard or other status-immune abilities will not be affected.

Slow Trap


Pokémon stepping on this tile will have their movement speed slowed, not allowing the Pokémon to be able to sprint or run. This trap can stack up to three times. The effect wears off upon changing floors or maps.

Slumber Trap


Pokémon treading over this will be put to sleep for a random amount of turns, ranging from two through ten turn.This trap will fail if the player has Insomnia, Vital Spirit, or other abilities with sleep-immune effects.

Spin Trap


Pokémon on this trap will become Confused and move in random directions and sometimes take damage when trying to use moves. The confusion is only temporary, however. Pokémon with the abilities Own Tempo, Leaf Guard, or other status-immune abilities will not be affected.

Sticky Trap


When a player steps on a Sticky Trap, a random item in their inventory will become Sticky. The item will cease to be Sticky once the player use a Cleanse Orb or talk to Lickilicky. Until then, the sticky item will not work. If the item is equipped to the player, it will be unremovable until it is cleaned.

Summon Trap


Stepping on this will spawn Pokémon found on the floor to this trap. It disappears after triggering.

Trip Trap


The Pokémon stepping on this will trip and end up dropping their held item on the ground of the tile. Pokémon holding stickied items or undroppable items (ex: Mystery Eggs) will not drop their held items.

Warp Trap


Stepping on one of these will warp the player to a random location of the floor. It can be used many times, even for escaping a "monster house."Pokemon with suction cup will not be affected.

Grudge Trap

This trap will spawn Pokémon with the Grudge status, which will deplete the PP of the finishing move used against the Pokémon.

Random Trap


This trap is very unique, because it can become any trap! A random trap effect is drawn and unleashed on all players on the floor. This will not work, however, if there is a Pokémon with the ability Damp on the floor.

Shocker Trap


This trap gives the player a "Shocker" status, allowing the player to hit allies if they are in the range of a move.

Special Traps

These traps can only be created on dungeon floors. Pokémon with Magic Guard/Levitating/Flying type will not be damaged by these traps

Spiked Tile


This trap is special because it is not found randomly on the generated dungeon floors. It can only be created by a Pokémon using the move "Spikes" and is not created any other way. This tile will be made under the Pokémon using it. Stepping on this will cause the player to take 20HP of damage.

Toxic Spikes


Similar to the Spiked Tile, Toxic Spikes cannot be found randomely on the floor. It can only be created by using the move "Toxic Spikes," which will create the tile under the Pokémon sing it. Stepping on this trap will cause the Pokémon to become Poisoned and take damage. Poison Types are immune to the effect.

Note: These traps can be made more than once and can be found side by side on a floor. They will not be invisible when triggered or uncovered.

Usable Traps

Redirection from Items

Items that can be found in Tanren Chambers can be used to lay traps. They are one time use items and can be stacked (Max: 100), they effect the enemy and can only be used in dungeons. Each of these traps are similar to the traps that are found normally in dungeons.

List of Usable Traps

Not all Traps found in dungeons have a Usable Trap counterpart.

All usable traps can be encountered in Tanren Chambers.

Item Description Effect Special Location
Chestnut Trap Brown Trap ChestnutTrap A trap that pelts the victim with chestnuts. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Gives the victim 15 damage when stepped on. Tanren Chambers (Grass 34F)
Gust Trap GreyTrap GustTrap A trap which sends the victim flying in a random direction. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Sends the victim in a random direction until an obstacle is reached. None
Mud Trap MudTrap Reduces a random stat of the victim by 3 stages. None
Random Trap Blue Trap RandomTrap A trap with a random outcome. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Outcome affects all wild Pokémon. Tanren Chambers (Normal 93F, Grass/Electric 84F, Electric/Dark/Fighting/Dragon/Bug 99F)
Selfdestruct Trap Orange Trap SelfdestructTrap A trap which explodes on contact. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Damages all Pokémon in a one-tile AoE range by 1/4 of their max HP (no less than 1/8 damage). Does not destroy walls or items. Tanren Chambers (Fire 14F, Fighting 25F)
Shocker Trap Blue Trap ShockerTrap Attacks by the victim will attack other wild Pokémon as well as players, even when the move would not normally do so. Tanren Chambers (Electric 28F, Ghost 25F, Rock 35F, Dragon 34F, Poison 39F)
Slumber Trap Blue Trap SlumberTrap A trap that puts the victim to sleep. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Inflicts sleep on the victim. Tanren Chambers (Dark 44F)
Spin Trap Yellow Trap SpinTrap A trap which spins the victim around causing confusion. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Inflicts confusion on the victim. Tanren Chambers (Dark B25F)
Summon Trap GreyTrap SummonTrap A trap which summons other Pokémon when stepped on. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Attracts wild Pokémon as a honey when wild Pokémon step on it. Tanren Chambers (Normal 64F)
Warp Trap GreyTrap WarpTrap A trap which warps the victim to a random tile. Use it in a dungeon to place the trap tile on the ground. Warps the victim to a random location. Tanren Chambers (Psychic 25F)
Wonder Tile Wonder Tile Box WonderTile A trap which removes stat changes. Use it on a dungeon to place the trap tile. Resets all temporary stat stages of Pokémon that step on it to 0. None


  • If a player and an NPC step on a trap at the same time, both will suffer the effects.
  • Grudge Trap used to give all enemy Pokémon on the floor the Grudge status.
  • Traps were able to be revealed by clicking. This was changed however to attacking (the same was done to invisible items).

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