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Underused, also shortened to UU, is a tier in Pokemon Mystery Universe.

Underused represents Pokemon that are less common compared to overused Pokemon. There are many different reasons to this. Some might include:

  • Being weak in competitive play
  • Being weak in dungeons
  • Being outclassed by overused Pokemon
  • Generally not being as popular as overused Pokemon

Underused Pokemon are more popular than Neverused Pokemon, but less popular than Overused Pokemon.

List of Underused Pokemon

The Pokemon are listed in order of most popular to least popular.

  • East Gastrodon Mugshot West Gastrodon MugshotGastrodon 
- Mineral Cavern 1F+ (West)
  • Lickilicky Mugshot Lickilicky
- Island Garden 6F+
  • Chandelure
  • Zangoose Mugshot Zangoose
- Winden Forest 13F+ (ID)
  • Azumarill Mugshot Azumarill
- Friendship Forest 1F+ | Mineral Cavern 1F+
  • Leafeon Mugshot Leafeon
- Friendship Forest 3F+
  • Glaceon Mugshot Glaceon
- Friendship Forest 3F+
  • Mamoswine Mugshot Mamoswine
- Crystal Ruins 1F+
  • Jolteon Mugshot Jolteon
- Friendship Forest 3F+
  • Umbreon Mugshot Umbreon
- Friendship Forest 3F+
  • Aerodactyl Mugshot Aerodactyl
- Mt. Skylift 1F+ (Invisible & In Ground)
  • Floatzel Mugshot Floatzel
- Overworld (Exbel Beach)| Winden Pass 1F+
  • Breloom Mugshot Breloom
- Boggy Wastes (Eggs & Recruit) | Mt. Barricade (Eggs)
  • Skarmory Mugshot Skarmory
- Mt. Skylift 13F+
  • Roserade Mugshot Roserade
- Friendship Forest 1F+ | Sour Root Cave 1F+ (Day & Dawn)
  • Scizor Mugshot Scizor
- Honeydrop Meadow 20F-25F (Secret Room)
  • Pikachu Mugshot Pikachu
- Starter
  • Eevee Mugshot Eevee
- Friendship Forest 3F+
  • Cloyster Mugshot Cloyster
- Beach Bunker 1F-15F & 9F-24F | Crystal Ruins 1F+
  • Starmie Mugshot Starmie
- Seaside Cavern 1F+ | Southern Sea 1F-15F
  • Seviper Mugshot Seviper
- Winden Forest 13F+ (ID)
  • Armaldo Mugshot Armaldo
- Tanren Chambers 74F (Bug)
  • Beartic
- Snowveil Den 1F+ (Eggs) | Snowveil Lair 1F+
  • Golduck Mugshot Golduck
- Winden Forest (Eggs) | Mineral Cavern 1F+
  • Yanmega Mugshot Yanmega
  • Whimsicott
  • Heracross Mugshot Heracross
- Mt. Barricade 14F+
  • Rampardos Mugshot Rampardos
- Tanren Chambers 59F (Rock)
  • Rhyperior Mugshot Rhyperior
- Starter | Gritty Hollow (Descending) (Dusk & Night)
  • Lucario Mugshot Lucario
- Snowveil Den 13F+ (Eggs & Recruit) | Snowveil Lair (Eggs)
  • Omastar Mugshot Omastar
- Tanren Chambers 74F (Water)
  • Machamp Mugshot Machamp
- Sauna Cavern 1F+
  • Vespiquen Mugshot Vespiquen
- Honeydrop Meadow 1F+ 
  • Flareon Mugshot Flareon
- Friendship Forest 3F+
  • Wailord Mugshot Wailord


  • Dewgong Mugshot Dewgong


  • Gallade Mugshot Gallade


  • Tropius Mugshot Tropius


  • Piplup Mugshot Piplup
- Starter | Western Seafloor Ruins 51F+
  • Togetic Mugshot Togetic
- Starter | Friendship Forest 2F+ | Sky Fortress (Fairy Path) (Eggs)
  • Houndoom Mugshot Houndoom
- Jailbreak Tunnel 1F+ (Dusk & Night) | Sky Fortress (Fire Path) (Eggs)
  • Cradily Mugshot Cradily
- Tanren Chambers 69F+ (Grass)
  • Espeon Mugshot Espeon
- Friendship Forest 3F+
  • Empoleon Mugshot Empoleon
- Starter | Western Seafloor Ruins 51F+
  • Riolu Mugshot Riolu
- Snowveil Den 13F+ (Eggs & Recruit) | Snowveil Lair (Eggs)
  • Furret Mugshot Furret
- Overworld | Winden Pass 1F+
  • Buizel Mugshot Buizel
- Overworld | Winden Pass 1F+
  • Tangrowth Mugshot Tangrowth


  • Porygon2 Mugshot Porygon2
- Snowveil Lair 1F+ (Eggs)
  • Wigglytuff Mugshot Wigglytuff
- Mt. Moon 1F+ (Eggs) | Harmonic Tower 32F-49F
  • Hariyama Mugshot Hariyama

  • Ninetales Mugshot Ninetales
- Harmonic Tower 32F-59F (Eggs & Recruit) | Inferno Volcano 26F+
  • Walrein Mugshot Walrein
- Overworld | Crystal Ruins 1F+
  • Butterfree Mugshot Butterfree
- Overworld
  • Honchkrow Mugshot Honchkrow
- Pitch-Black Abyss (Eggs)
  • Oshawott
- Harmonic Tower 20F+ (Eggs)
  • Crobat Mugshot Crobat

  • Infernape Mugshot Infernape
- Starter
  • Skuntank Mugshot Skuntank


  • Mantine Mugshot Mantine
- Beach Bunker (Boss-Drop Egg)
  • Snivy Mugshot Snivy
- Harmonic Tower 20F+ (Eggs)

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