Various Items

Well i kinda was away from the wikia for a while but i'm back! With me being back here comes the To-Do list that everyone knows and loves <3

To-Do List

  1. Dungeons require more detail.
  2. Missions need Rank Screenshots, Target Tile.
  3. The following dungeons need to converted into this format
  4. Southern Sea needs and Entrance Screenshot
  5. Lenile Cavern needs scenery pics
  6. Tanren Chambers and Voltray's Guide need to be merged.
  7. All Dungeons with the exception of Beach Bunker, Crystal Castle, and Crystal Ruins need to have their protection set to "Members Only".

In Short what is needed is for the 3 dungeons Beach Bunker and the Crystal Dungeons to be updated with the latest format, Tanren Chambers to be updated with Voltray's guide, and some other minor miscellaneous tasks.

Also any you can create any page you see fit as long as its something that relates to the Wikia, and something that was not already made (you can check by trying to search for what you want)

And of course you guys do not have to do any of this its just something i'm showing to you guys who dont know what the next action you should do is. I will probably end up doing all of this sooner or later this is just an FYI

If any of these Jobs are done please post it on Quol's Message Wall so it can be taken down. Thank You.

And end it with a joke to brighten the moods!

"So there was this one guy who did not want to go to school and he stayed in bed, His mom came to his room and told him he has to go to school.

'I dont want to go to school.' said the boy

Wondering why his mom replied with 'Ok then, give me two reasons why you do not want to go.'

The person replied with 'Its because the students are mean to me and the teachers call me stupid.'

After that the boy asked his mom 'Now mom, give ME two good reasons why i should go to school.'

And his mom replied with 'Well for one your 58 years old, and two your the principal of the school.'

A jumper cable man walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

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