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    Since the second blog post was for the heck of it, I figured I would make this one actually useful. This is basically a list of the badges you can obtain.

    Blog Commenting Badges (2)

    Commenting on a blog 5 times (10 points)

    Commenting on a blog 10 times (50 points)

    Blog Post Bages (1)

    Posting 1 blog (10 points)

    Posting  5 blogs (never released) (50 points)

    Posting 10 blogs (never released) (50 points)

    Posting 25 blogs (never released) (50 points)

    Posting 50 blogs (never released) (50 points)

    Category Badges (7)

    Adding 1 category (10 points)

    Adding 5 categories (10 points)

    Adding 10 categories (10 points)

    Adding 25 categories (50 points)

    Adding 50 categories (50 points)

    Adding 100 categories (50 points)

    Adding 250 categories (100 points- re-obtainable every 250…

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  • Swimmy1212

    So, yep.

    December 2, 2014 by Swimmy1212

    Never mind, forget this page :| 

    You should head over to the Badge Guide . :D

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  • Swimmy1212

    Well, since I don't have the achievement I figured I would get it by doing something at least a bit important.

    Just wanted to mention that I am rather low level on the game(40s) and I can fix grammar on some of the higher dungeons but I won't be able to fill much in for scenery so if I can't fill in something it would be great if you guys could. :D


    So basically, you're on the same boat as I am. I'm trying to train up, but I just haven't had the patience or time these days to do anything worth while. :/ I'll try to get some other players to come on the Wiki to add in information for the higher-leveled dungeons. But for now, all I can do is edit and organize. Still, great to be on board! - Shadow Lucario (talk) 04:40, December 2, 2014 (UTC…

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