Voltaic Rainforest
Voltaic Rainforest Enterance
Voltaic Rainforest Entrance









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Secret Room


Sealed Chamber


Monster House


Level Range

70 to 80

Voltaic Rainforest, commonly abbreviated to VR by the community, is a late-game dungeon located in Archford. Voltaic Rainforest is located Northwest of Boggy Wastes. No HMs are needed aside from what is needed to get to Archford.

Dungeon Parts


Lower Floors

  • Floors 1-30
VF Lower Floors

The ground is consists of vivid green grass with brown, earthy patches and an occasional flower. Water is present. The walls are made up of dark green forest vegetation, lending itself to the dungeon's name.

Upper Floors

  • Floors 31-50

The ground turns a different shade of green flowers are still there the walls become cavern-like and the patches of paralyzing water disappear.


The Pokémon here are made up of Electric, Poison, and Grass Types. Pokémon in BOLD can be recruited.

Lower Floors

Edit Specific Floor to No if they appear on all floors of this section and delete this message. Remember to set Time Of Day to All if every TOD is listed.

Name Specific Floor? Chance Time Of Day
Poliwhirl 1-30 No Dusk
Arbok 1-50 No Night/Dusk
Emolga 1-30 No Dusk
Jolteon 1-50 No Dusk
Gifarig 1-50 No Dusk
Venasaur 1-50 No Dusk
Luxio 1-30 No Dusk
Toxicroak 1-50 No Dusk
Chatot 1- No Night/Dusk
Dustox 1- No Night
Heracross 1-50 No Night
Ledian 1- No Night
Yamma 1-40 No Night
Venomoth 1- No Night
Tropius 1- No Night
Electabuzz 1-50 No Night
Raichu 1-50 No Night/Dusk
Galvantula 1-50 No Night
Poliwrath 4-50 No Night
Yanmega 4-50 No Night
Manectric 5-50 No Night
Slowbro 1- No Night
Elektrik 3-30 No Night
Stunfisk 1-30 14.8% Night

Upper Floors

Name Specific Floor? Chance Time Of Day
Shelmet 31-50 ? Night/Dusk
Bliztle 40-50 ? ?
Skiddo ? ? ?
Gogoat 31-50 Not recruitable. Night.
Electrivire 31-50 Not recruitable. Night.
Luxray 31-50 Not recruitable. Night.
Serperior 31-50 Not recruitable. Night.


Item Floor, Water, Or Wall Hidden?
Warp Orb Floor No
Silver Spike Floor No
Absorb Bulb Floor No
Max Ether Floor No
Poke Floor No
Ether Floor No
Chestnut Floor No
Banana Floor No
Thunder Stone Floor No
Cheri Berry Floor No
White Herb Floor No
Quick Orb Floor No
Green Apple Floor No
Big Green Apple Floor No
Escape Orb Floor No
Iron Thorn Floor No
Blast Seed Floor No
Warp Orb Floor No
Wacan Berry Floor No
Stamina Band Floor No
Tiny Mushroom Floor Yes
TM Solar Beam Floor No
TM Thunder Wave Floor No
Big Mushroom Floor Yes

Mystery Eggs Floor 31+

  • Blitzle
  • Joltik
  • Yanma
  • Tynamo
  • Slakoth
  • Elekid
  • Electrike
  • Skiddo (?)


Mini-boss: Eelektross

Boss: Raikou

Boss Drops

Raikou TM Thunder (Rare)
Raikou's Heart Slate (Rare)

Ending Box

  • Gold Banana
  • Thunderstone
  • Electirizer
  • Revival Herb
  • TM Wild Charge
  • TM Thunderbolt
  • TM Energy Ball
  • Max Revive
  • Moss Rock
  • Dexterity Relic
  • Static Orb

Dungeon Objective

  • The objective of this dungeon is to beat it. This gives the player more missions when they appear on the Mission Board.
  • This dungeon can also be used as a Training Ground should the player decide.
  • Raikou also has a chance of dropping a Heart Slate, allowing Raikou to be summoned by the player in a dungeon once the Heart Slate is fused with the Mystery Part.
  • The 35F Sealed Chamber has a chance of having the yellow silk in boxes.


  • The water will paralyze you.
  • Bring a Pokémon knowing Refresh, Heal Bell, or Safeguard, or have a Cheri Scarf or Cheri Berries as paralysis is common.
  • Poison is also a problem but is not as common as paralysis.


  • This dungeon was released on April 16, 2016.
  • The NPCs in front of the dungeon, Danny and Arin, are a reference to the Youtube channel Game Grumps.