Event Hub

Event Hub

Unlike large events, weekly events occur once a week, as their name suggests. Weekly events began around January 2013. Weekly events are held on Sunday.


  • Capture the Flag
  • Hide 'n' Seek
  • Pictionary
  • Dodgeball
  • Quizzes
  • A-Maze-ing race
  • Dungeon Run
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Riddle Race
  • Boss Rush
  • Ice Breaker (Winter)
  • Event Temple

About Events

At first, events were run by Dausk. They were then later run by other staff members as well. Certain events require multiple staff members to host, such as Dodgeball, while other events take only one staff member, such as Boss Rush. These events were created to give more access to items that were exclusive to Holiday Cave while also setting up a new activity for players to participate in. These events are the only place where you can obtain Event Tokens.

Event Temple

The Event Temples are special events in that they are different temples. So far, the temples that have been done were the Fire Temple, Forest Temple and the Ice Temple. The temples consist of puzzles that have keys. If all keys are collected, the boss item must be collected to face the boss. Two special keys need to be obtained first using the keys from the puzzles, with the exception being the Ice Temple, where three keys needed to be collected, as there is no boss item. There is an optional secret puzzle. There are no enemy Pokemon besides the boss at the end of the temple. The three temples were made permanent, with new challenges to overcome.


  • Events used to run on Wednesdays. They were then moved to Saturday and later to Sunday.


PMU Weekly Event - Ice Breaker-3

PMU Weekly Event - Ice Breaker-3

Ice Breaker Event