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Winden Arena

Winden Arena

Winden Arena is located in the Winden Training Grounds. It is also the third Arena (by creation date) that can be used by players and has a function of restricting any and all items.


The scenery on the upper level of the arena is covered with ice crystals, while the lower floor is a tiled floor with four ice pillars near each corner.

Major Tournaments

Little cup zps0xocrpuy

Created by TarmarinFrog.

Little Cup Arena Tournament

The Little Cup was the first tournament to utilize the Winden arena as a tournament field. Alongside another arena which was specifically created for tournaments, Winden arena hosted half of the matches played. The tournament took place on Sunday, September 18th, 2016.



The arena has a feature that remove any and all items to storage. There are no other restrictions.


The Winden Arena has different shops that can be used, though they are not manned by NPCs. The tutor for relearning pre-level moves can be found at the cauldron. The list of everything inside of the Arena are as follows:

  • Assembly (Sign)
  • Move Relearning (Cauldron)
  • Kangaskhan's Storage (Statue)

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