Wonderful Surprises is a guild created by Linac.

Guild has disbanded. This page will remain as a relic for viewing purposes only. Speak to the previous founder if your intrested in using this guild name.

Wonderful Surprises

Date Founded

October 15, 2016




No information




If you need assistance with anything or have questions, do not wait to ask us. Chances are we will know.


Name Rank Gender Birthday Timezone


Founder B June 01 GMT -5

Please help us fill out this table.

  • Name. Please write your name. In ( ) please write your favorite mon.
  • Rank. Leave blank if you don't know.
  • Gender. Write B for boy, G for Girl.
  • Birthday. Write your bday out fully in Month-Full Day format.
  • Timezone. Write in your timezone (In GMT).

Guild Services & Events

We offer the following services:


Come train with us for 1 run of a dungeon. The run counts if completed fully or bailed.


Held every week (day of week to be determined) for guild members. Mainly to discuss how the guild is doing, introduce newest guild members, and take suggestions for anything.

Guild Media

We have the following media to commemorate Wonderful Surprises

Wonderful Surprises-Creation

A photo showing the moment the guild was created

You may only add photos and videos if you were the one who captured it. Hate & Spam will be removed.

Contact Info

There are many ways to contact us

  • Skype. Anyone who spams, talks bad about anyone or the guild, or anyone who tries recruiting our members will be banned without warning (from the Skype chat).
  • In Game. If you see any of us in game, get their attention and speak with them. Or ask for the founder.


Allies Reason Leave Blank Enemies Reason
- -


  • Linac was in Legends of Explorers prior to making WS.
  • Guild disbanded 1 week later.

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